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I love the staff at Medi-Spa!! I always feel a warmth and genuineness in them with my desires to take care of my skin. They are always kind and accommodating with your needs. Dr. Stolley is so great at thoroughly explaining all procedures and treatments . I love how he listens and really hears what my desires are. His conservative approach to procedures is great in knowing there's never any pressure to do more. Gerusa and Kristina give the best facials and peels! Both have exceptional skills and expertise and again the kindest spirit in helping you achieve all your beauty needs. It feels good to know I have a wonderful place to go to in helping me achieve my skin care goals!

-Anna Sibert 3/15/14

Always the best experience!! Dr Stolley is the Best and He has The Best Staff?all are talented, experienced, charming, and beautiful!! What can be better than to be made to feel beautiful and to leave having that look enhanced!! Thank You Medi Spa Maui!!

-Nan Parks 3/11/14

Great staff, amazing products and an overall amazing experience.

-Tami White 3/10/14

I have been wanting to get some filler under my eyes for a while now, and was very nervous to do it. Dr. Stolley was so helpful in informing me and did an excellent job! I totally trust him and his abilities to do very fine detailed work. I got the Belotero filler and I had almost no bruising, which I couldn't believe and it looked amazing after only 2 days! Only a tiny bit of swelling. I will be back for more! The thing I like the most is that it looks natural, which was my main worry when deciding to do it. People are saying I look really good and well rested and that my eyes look amazing... :) I'm not telling them why! Thank You!!

-Anonymous 3/6/14

I am very happy with my results and will return in the future. Dr Stolley and his staff were very professional , informative, compassionate and very friendly.

-Debra Peacock 2/28/14

Professional service from the beautiful people at the front desk, wonderful treatment with Dr. Stolley! Putting MediSpa Maui Kihei on my speed dial!

-Margert Arbo 2/22/14

Everyone is very knowledgable and helpful. Dr Stolley is an artist. I am very happy with my results. I love how he makes me look smoother and natural and still me. He helps slow down the aging process without looking " done ". The team is helpful, knowledgable and friendly. I love Medi-Spa and how great I feel. Thanks so much.

-Sue Wentworth 2/13/14

Dr. Stolley, his assistant and staff are all amazing! You are treated with such care and consideration, answering all questions and providing excellent treatment. MEDISPA Maui is the best on the island.

-Anonymous 2/8/14

The recommended treatments were explained in detail. Once I realized how they worked, what type of results I could expect (based on photos of before and after procedure on cases similar to mine) I was ready to sign up! I had one procedure done that day and will be back in a week for a few more procedures. Mahalo Medi Spa Maui!

-Robin Welch 2/4/14

I am always pleased to experience the consistent professionalism and warm, caring attitude at Medi Spa. It begins with the girls at the front desk, on through the nurses and culminates with the amazing Dr. Stolley. I had an expensive facelift in Kahului and couldn't see much improvement. Then I went to Medi Spa and Dr. Stolley with his array of alternate solutions and now I look the way I SHOULD have after plastic surgery. I'm 75 and people think I'm around 60. My goal was to look BETTER but, hey, it never hurts to look younger. Thank you Dr. Stolley!

-Ginger Books 1/31/14

The service at Medi Spa Maui was excellent! Courtney was very knowledgeable, patient and kind. She explained the procedure and answered all my questions to my satisfaction. I left feeling very comfortable with all the decisions I made. Then Courtney introduced me to Kristina who gave me a consult about various laser treatments, Kristina has a wealth of knowledge and again all my questions were answered. I look forward to returning to the spa!! Thank you.

-Nancy Diaz 12/28/13

Excellent technique demonstrated by Dr Stolley with the administration of Scultra & desired effects were achieved. I will return for more Sculptra & Boletero under my eyes to remove unsightly dark circles.

-Anne Schmidt 12/24/13

Dr Stolley and his staff have far exceeded any experience I've had at a Medispa anywhere. They are truly masters of their craft and I know when I step into their office I will be getting the highest quality of care. You can tell how genuinely they care about their clients and the treatment results are amazing. I wouldn't trust my skin to anyone else. Thank you for all that you do!

-Anonymous 12/22/13

I feel like a new woman. Dr Stolley does good work and the staff is so helpful and pleasant. I don't have a ton of money but the Doctor has made good use of what I did select to get done I am so happy. Thank you

-Carol Collis 12/21/13

The staff is always kind and gracious. Their knowledge of skin care and products that work best for my specific needs is valuable. And their willingness to be available whenever questions arise is appreciated. Always kind, gracious and helpful. Appreciate the focus on providing best care for my skin.

-Trudy Williams 12/11/13

I really enjoy coming to your office, your staff is genuine ,knowledgeable , personal AND honest. I never feel as if I am being pressured for services. I don't have an unlimited expense account ( unfortunately ) for ALL OF THE THINGS I WOULD LIKE, however I do take advantage of your specials which enables me to accomplish some of my beauty goals.

-Sandra Vanderlann 11/24/13

Awesome! Everyone is so helpful, positive ...just a great experience....very comfortable! Almost like family!!

-Louise Alborano 11/23/13

In my experience Medi Spa Maui in Kikei focuses their attention on client safety, comfort, and procedures that serve the client's best interest.

-Debra Tufts 11/21/13

I have been going to medispa for over four years now. The staff is very professional and great customer service. It has made a big difference in my life. I have had broken capillaries and redness on my face from many years of intense sun exposure and I have had five l IPL - Photo-facial treatment. That has really helped to minimize and control my condition. For me it is just not about cosmetic service but a real serious issue with my even skin tone. I look and feel much better now and I am very grateful For their excellent expertise. This has given me a lot more confidence and I look radiant and younger. My last treatment was with a women named Gerusa who really listened to my concerns and took her time to go over everything with me and get the best possible results. She also followed through after my treatment to call me and to make sure I was all right and there were no complications. I am really into fashion and travel abroad often. My looks mean a lot to me and I feel great that my skin has improved.

-Randy Fressle 11/20/13

Courtney was great. Dr Stolley and staff are wonderful and I recommend whenever someone comments on my skin ;-) mahalo!

-Rebecca Stambaugh 11/18/13

Exceptional that Maui residents have access to state of the art skin care. The estheticians are knowledgeable about skin cancer and monitor my skin between my annual skin checks. I always feel I'm in good hands and learn something new about how to better care for my skin. Very professional on all levels.

-Joan Lloyd 11/14/13

Loved my three appointments with you. You were so accommodating with my schedule on the island. Very pleased with the explanations of the procedures I was scheduled. And they were everything I expected and more. Staff as very pleasant and supportive. Thanks again!

-Carol Audette 10/25/13

I have been having various procedures with Dr. Stolley for the past 7 years. It has changed my life!

-Linda Dunnill 10/1/13

Love the staff at MediSpa, always so polite, friendly, informative and educational. With every visit I make I am happy with the results and will continue to visit the MediSpa. Dr. Stolley is amazing!

-Andrea Donnell 9/30/13

I always refer to Dr. Stolley as Michael Angelo. But instead of marble he works with flesh. He is always certain that I walk out flawless....... such an artist.

-Anonymous 9/16/13

Everyone is kind and considerate and I always feel that I am in good hands. That is important when you are dealing with your face. Dr Stolley is personal, he always asks how my family is and catches up a little with my life. When he works he is very focused and I feel like I am in the presence of an artist at work. I also appreciate that he doesn't push an agenda on me. I am not going for a perfect face nor can I spend a fortune there, just trying to combat a little being a blonde and growing up in Hawaii. (more than 50 years of Hawaiian sun!!) He is fine with that and I really appreciate it.

-Mardi Swatek 8/6/13

Great results and one of the most congenial staff I've ever encountered.

-Charles V 7/31/13

I would rate Medispa at 5 stars...for excellent customer service, pleasant and congenial staff and attention to customer satisfaction...very pleased with my experience! Thanks to everyone at Medispa and especially Naia and Katie.

-Lori Coleman 7/21/13

Aloha, Kristina Beverung and everyone at MediSpa is excellent & I have been to many spas across the USA and worked as a manager of a spa. The follow up call a few days after the treatment is a sign- excellence in customer service.

-Ellen Laura 7/13/14

I have been receiving injections from Dr. Stolley since 2010. I was nervous at first but decided to go in for a consultation and learn about the different treatments available. Naia spent an hour with me explaining all of my options including what I should expect for pre and post care. I left feeling so much better and decided to go forward with the treatment. I have been a regular ever since!

-Anonymous 7/11/13

I have been going to MediSpa Maui for a variety of services for over a year and have always had exceptional service, have been well-educated on new treatments, benefits of the different options available, and always get friendly reminders on follow ups to ensure I don't have any adverse side effects! I love the whole team and would recommend them to anyone wanting to have a youthful, healthy, radiant glow... and lots more!!

-Tina Sharples 7/11/13

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